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The ESPEROS Mission

ESPEROS SOHO launched in 2017 with the desire to make better handbags and travel accessories for the modern day lifestyle. 

We believe in raising women and children up in all facets of their lives. In 2018, we will sponsor four female teachers in early childhood education programs, fund a scholarship for a young woman headed to college, and provide sanitary pads for young women so they can stay in school.

Alamach School

How Does ESPEROS Donate?

Every quarter, ESPEROS makes a donation through its own foundation to Giving Partners such as The Nobelity Project and Pencils of Promise in order to maintain accountability and oversight.

How Much Does One Year Of Education Cost?

Education costs can vary dramatically, typically ranging from $8 per year to $22 per year for our Giving Partners. This variance is due to location, scope, and project specifics. 

Despite the variance in cost, our pledge is to donate one to one for every product sold. This means that whenever you purchase a product from ESPEROS, you have directly funded one year of education for a child in need.